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Well said matternot. "Mac" is being treated as another "political pawn" of CDCR. He is being made an example of to justify the government's completely ignorant and unaware position on CA's correctional system. It is now a system where the inmates not only control organized crime on the streets but they also control their own policies and legallities on how they "WANT" to live.

"Mac" we are with you and we are trying to help.

Thanks again matternot. Keep it coming.

Mike Cristia (Blackout)


Due to the nature of his crime, the Fed wants to insure he does not prevail on appeal.
Less one has serious money, they do not stand a chance in an American court of tyrranical corporate law.
Economic justice is the rule.
No money, no justice.

We do not have freedom of speech because the Constitution gives it to us. The Constitutional Amendment was written to keep the government from taking our rights away. The Creator gives us our rights, but He also gives us the capacity to do evil, and usurp the rights of others. Our individual rights end where the rights of another begin, no one has the right to do evil, because evil can never be right. Those who would seek to limit your right to speak or hear The Truth are the same who seek to subjugate, control and enslave you. Freedom is NEVER FREE in a world where Evil rules by force.

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