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Left wing-Right wing...Matters not.
The only difference is one will take us to our grave a week before the other.

Only a massive revolt by the people will bring this Nation back.
And that is not going to happen.


Thanks Dan. I know your situation as well. You've really got the raw end of the stick because you can't return to work. These mistreatments have to stop.

By the way, great website, I have been keeping up with it from timt to time. I will post it in my new links categorie.

Dan Harris

You know I can relate here man. In August 2007 while working at my prison I fell down some stairs injuring my back. First off we have Arlnold to thank for the watt workers comp is today. It was one of the first things he changed once he got into office. You say you're 8% disabled with your foot. I know first hand what you're talking about here. The QME that sees you looks at you and then based on a book by the AMA decides your disability rating based on the injury. You know how you can be declared 100% by this book? If you're dead. That's the only way this book will give you 100%. I got a 10% rating and my injury is my back. There are things I will never be able to do again, such as a c/o. I fought for three years to get my surgery and finally got it. If an inmate though were to hurt his back in prison he would be taken care of within a year at the cost of the tax layers. While I was at the surgery center I saw at least three other inmates in there prepping for surgery. Some of the things they are being treated for are things that they had before their incarceration. The state doesn't give a hoot about the people that give their lives everyday to protect them and the citizens that pay for these politicians salaries. Change needs to be made and it needs to start with a governor that can run a state without making the employees pay the price of legislations problems that they create. I'm with you here man.

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