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tp, I can definately understand your frustration and completely agree with you. My salary is consumed the day it clears in the bank. It covers my bills, food, and gas. I have no extra foe incidentals, entertainment or anything else. Luckily, I can work some overtime to give me some coushin each month but it is not the kind of coushin a person needs.

Thanks for your words. I've been laying low seeing if I could see a pattern in the comments coming in. Unfortunately, the site has not taken off the way I had hoped. The reasons that I am hearing from my peers is that they are afraid if they say something "negative" towards the state they will be victims of reprisal. So, instead os expressing the "moaning and groaning" we all hear in the hallways, they are just complaining for the sake of it. It's like complaining about who was elected for president when you didn't even vote. This is one reason this state is so screwed up. People will tell their buddies what needs to happen (and sometimes they are right) but too chicken to even put it on a blog. Oh, and you better believe that Sacramento is following a blog as little as mine.

Thanks again tp,



GAS Acts like it's the state employee's fault?getting people against the state employees?
isn't Arnold a state employee?
we just want our money back like anyone would who is being Robbed! we cant pay bills or feed or clothe our kids.we barely have enough gas to get to that state job.OMG! we should file charges and have him arrested for theft! why does our Union do something!? my God help us all


Thank you R. Plant. We appreciate your knowledgeable input here at Blackout.

R. Plant

As of August 31, Scott Reid in the Governor's office put out a memo requiring that all hiring be stopped, except for that which is directly approved by the Governor's office. The memo even forbids transfers between departments. Seems to me that the Governor missed his opportunity to reduce the size of the state goverment workforce about 18 months ago when he could have instituted layoffs that would have been completed by now, thus permanently lowering the state workforce and concommitant salary and retirement costs. One has to ask why he didn't do this back then when it was clearly within his authority, but chose the furlough route instead which does not impact the size of goverment, and he is only now worried about not filling vacant positions just four months before the end of his term.

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